Custom sea lion capture net made for NOAA researchers involved on the sea lion disentanglement program. 

Design features:
*Flat felled seam construction is used throughout for strength and durability. Flat felled seams cause minimal abrasion to the animal, the user and the fabric. They are flush with the surface on both sides of the material so they don’t snag or get caught on anything. Tension on the seam is distributed between 2 lines of stitching.
*2-way zipper allow access to the animal from the back or front of the head.
*Locking zipper pulls allow the zipper opening to be fixed: if the pull on the zipper slider is in the down position, the zipper will not unzip further.
*Hoop handle attachment, flipper cinch and zipper are aligned to maximize ease for the user.--i.e. the cinch and zipper will land on the back of the animal.
*All grommets are set into cordura for durability.
*Flipper cinch cord exits through one grommet for durability and attaining maximum snugness.
*Openings for plastic hoop are made of double layer cordura for durability and ease. Stitched cordura holes keep their shape so it’s easier to slide hoop in.
*Lightweight materials. Bonded poly thread used for durability in marine applications.
Cost for Adult Female Net: $750