It's pretty tangible: in this world, a body needs clothes.

You'll know this particularly well if you've ever found yourself miles from home and jacketless when a cold rain starts to fall. One of the joys of bicycling is the being-in-the-world-ness of it. Riding establishes a certain intimacy with the weather: if you rode here, you probably know which way the wind is blowing, if it's really as cold out as it looks, whether it smells like rain or not. And then there's the land-which you know uniquely and corporeally because you flexed your own muscles to negotiate the rises, curves, and dips, felt your blood and your balance respond. It's clothing that you put between your flexing muscles and the weather, and it is supposed to serve both.

Clothes making is serious business, like farming and homebuilding and, like food and houses, you can buy the processed and the pre-fabbed--and sometimes you have no choice--but there's usually not a lot of joy in that. Telaio wool bicycle clothing is the real thing: thought-up, patterned, and constructed with integrity in a small shop, for your body and the world. Wool is a fiber that's been, quite literally, perfected by evolution to keep a body comfortable in all sorts of extreme and not so extreme conditions: it insulates, repels water, wicks, breathes, and is naturally anti-bacterial.  A refined yet utilitarian aesthetic means that you can wear Telaio clothing anywhere and everyday, and look good both on and off your bicycle. For men's trousers, jackets, hoodies, and caps and the women's Everyday dress, please make an fitting appointment at the production studio in Ballard (Seattle, WA)


*Electric and Folding Bikes NW ( is now carrying a selection of wool hoodies and mens' pants--check them out!*

Men's Wool Pants

Classic "work-cut" pants are versatile in style and function. Longer back rise and western cut pockets designed specifically for riding. Several different wool fabrics to choose from. Each pair is made to order.  $220

Everyday Dress

Classic style--boat neck front and v-back, A-line skirt with drop waist. Side hand pockets and 'secret' invisible zippered pocket on back waist seam. Snap on the hem to close the skirt between your legs when you're riding. Dress this dress up or down or in between and feel comfortable and beautiful all the time. Sizes XS-XL with customized fitting. Several wool/spandex fabrics to choose from, made to order. $265

Men's Wool Jacket