Custom Clothing

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How do we start?  We start by having a conversation about what you're looking for. Maybe you need to feel comfortable and also look professional in your everyday work clothes and you like pinstripes; maybe you are dreaming of a hiking skirt with pockets; maybe you have a unique textile that you would like incorporated into a dress for a special occasion. Feel free to bring me photographs, drawings, fabrics or other clothing as examples of what you'd like. We can discuss in person or over email.

What can you make?  Many things! I've made work aprons and bespoke suits, waxed canvas rain capes and bias cut silk dresses, quilted fencing jackets, lace lingerie, tailored jackets, custom hats, velvet vests, all manner of dresses, pants and skirts. If something is beyond my abilities or machinery, I will let you know. 

Can you copy my favorite piece of clothing? Yes! I can draft a pattern off of a piece of clothing without taking it apart. It can be fun to have a favorite article of clothing replicated in a different fabric, or to keep some elements of the fit and design and change others (add pockets, lengthen sleeves, etc.) 

What's the custom process, in a nutshell?  I make a pattern, either from a piece of clothing you've brought me or from measurements that I take at our first meeting. From that pattern, I make a sample and we have a fitting. At the first fitting, we hammer out design details and fit issues and I alter the pattern to reflect any changes. I construct the final garment and we have a final fitting to see if anything needs alteration. 

Do you source the materials/ can I supply my own? Yes, either way. I have some available wool fabrics in stock. I am also able to source (or point you towards) materials from a variety of online and local sources. We can go to the local fabric store together or you can bring me materials. I can offer knowledge and guidance on choosing the best material for your project. 

How long will it take? It depends on my workload at the time, our ability to get together for fittings (or mailing fit samples back and forth if we're long-distance), and availability of materials. Average turn around time is 6 weeks. As a general rule, allow 6 months for special occasion items. 

What does it cost? My rate for custom work is $50/hour. I have a system of estimating time based on the complexity of the garment. Once we have a good idea of the design I will give you an estimate of the labor cost and a rough estimate of the total cost including materials. If you have a budget, please let me know as it may be possible to simplify some elements to fit within your budget. Please contact me with specific questions about pricing.