These nets allow researchers to safely and temporarily restrain marine mammals during procedures, etc. They are in use in the NOAA sea lion disentanglement program, NOAA arctic fur seal research program, Atlanta Aquarium Georgia, Seoul Aquarium South Korea, and Bielefeld University marine mammal program Galapagos Islands. The nets are made one at a time with high quality, durable, lightweight materials. Standard and custom sizes and features available. Contact Katharine for questions and details!

net drawing.jpg

Design features:

  • Nets stretch lengthwise and not girthwise, for a snug fit

  • Flat seams minimize abrasion to the animal

  • Zigzag stitching allows seams to stretch

  • 2-way zipper allows access from the nose or from behind the shoulders

  • Locking zipper allows the opening to be fixed

  • Hoop handle attachment, flipper cinch and zipper are aligned to maximize ease for the user

  • All grommets are set into cordura for durability

  • Flipper cinch cord exits through one grommet for durability and attaining maximum snugness

  • Openings for plastic hoop are made of double layer cordura. Stitched cordura holes keep their shape so it’s easier to slide hoop in

  • Lightweight super strong poly mesh materials. Bonded poly thread used for durability in marine applications

Adult Female Net: $750

All Other Nets: Inquire